About Us

ZG Afrika serves your needs in the Continent of the Future, from major multidisciplinary projects to emissary types of assignments to represent your company. In addition to our professionals in Africa, we have professionals in Europe and the US with substantive Africa expertise. We also assist African companies who seek solutions elsewhere.

We're partnered with a major Ghanaian financial company that can evaluate the risks in doing your type of business in most African countries and a Ghanaian company that exports forest and agricultural products globally.

Since the Middle East has close cultural and economic ties to Africa, ZG Afrika includes several consultants from there.

For a story/expertise summary about each provider in our global network, ask us to send you the ZG e-Pamphlet. References, credentials and certifications are provided by our associates.

ZG Afrika’s parent company ZG Worldwide, with associates in 40 countries and 15 US states, offers management consultants augmented by a broad range of specialized business services.

Being a Global Chamber member has given us great connections and contacts who have helped with many of our projects.

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